HGM is the world’s famous high-end equipment manufacturer,we are in high rankings,especially in the field of craft beer equipment, HGM is not only the Chinese professional manufacturer but also the high-level supplier. We elaborately customize innovative-technology craft beer equipment in personalization for  winemaker.We are not only the leading craft beer equipment manufacturer,we know more about culture and unique process of craft beer, every product is given the mission of beer culture heritage,while respecting for tradition,we keep on carving carefully and keep up with/beyond the pace of modern science and technology,striving to make the products more useful,reliable,energy-saving,high- efficiency and beautiful, so that allo w customers can get benefit from it and make environment more beautiful.
We focus on stainless steel vessels and pay attention to high-end manufacturing and sincere service. Our stainless steel vessels haven been widely applied in the following fields;craft beer, hard liquor, wine, dairy products,beverage,chemical engineering, pharmacy, environmental protection and so on。We always attach importance on the customer-orientied research and development, every tiny point of the products all highlight artistic modeling and shine the light of wisdom.At HGM, you will be assured of the high levels of quality and professional service at anytime.
We are the professional manufacturer of Chinese distilling equipment, Hand crafted built distilling equipment for high quality and professional design will suit types of your ideas, sizes and styles. We trust that state-of-the-art HGM distilling equipment can meet the needs of most of discerning and demanding customers.
We are also the integrated,completed and advanced manufacturer in the field of China’s beer filling and cleaning industry.We have the world’s typical technology of full-automatic beer filling machinery.
HGM is a craft beer culture communicators, we have created our own craft beer brand, has his own craft beer themed restaurant chain is now in the program.

Company profile


    Established in 2002, HGM has characterized in “Elaborate Works” manufacture of stainless steel vessels.
    Since 2004, HGM devotes itself to research and development of craft beer brewing equipment
    In 2008, HGM started to design and manufacture distillation equipment
    In May of 2013, HGM established Guangzhou GDE Machinery CO.,LTD,referred to as :GDE, and began to research and develop craft beer packaging equipment
    In October of 2014, HGM created Guangzhou MEB Catering Management Co., Ltd.,referred to as: MEB, then we have our own craft beer brand and involved in the craft beer health industry. 
    HGM Specialty: Craft Beer Brewing Equipment / Craft Beer Packaging Equipment/ High-end Stainless Steel Tanks / Distillation Equipment etc.
    HGM Facility: the plant covers an area of 50,000 square meters,another 65,000 square meters is in the building and will be officially put into use in early 2017.
                  Well-known for worldwide technology of European or United States standard equipment and distillation equipment
                  Possess excellent facility for manufacturing the world first grade stainless steel vessels
                  A high-tech joint venture enterprise with multi-functions including research and design, development and manufacture,management and marketing as well as consult and service.
                  Obtained ISO9001:2008 international quality certificate and also accept the third party inspecting audit for ASME,CE and AS1210.
                  Certified with self-support imports and exports right, enjoy world-class shipping port condition, preponderantly located in such surrounding full of experienced production human resource and etc.
    HGM Intellectual Property: HGM has won more than 30 independent intellectual properties in design and manufacture technology of brewhouse and distillation equipment.
    HGM Organization: to perform a development strategy includes the modern enterprise management as a model, the human nature service as a soul, and information management as a mean and has already set up an intelligent and capable group, variously distributed in development,production,distribution, marketing support and service.
    HGM Market:HGM wide range of products have enjoyed high reputation in the U.S.,Canada,Australia, Mexico and other more than 30 Eurasian countries and regions;has set many international representatives in different states and areas .
    Current HGM:being as a healthy and flourish enterprise
    HGM future: to be the leader in brewing equipment, distillation equipment and stainless steel vessels in industries.