President's Message: 



     After 12 years of development,HGM has grown into a young benchmark of an area from an ignorant youth. HGM is not a very large enterprise while it is undeniable that it has a certain influence,at least HGM has been making great effort in respect of craft-beer equipment.We have experienced all kinds of hardships, including misery and happiness and so on, however,gratifying thing to me is that the whole business of HGM develops very healthy.What’s more,I have always had a heart of “Thanksgiving and Advantageous to others”.Thanks to every member in my big team family,thanks to my partners,thanks to my family,thanks to every people once helped us.


     That “Leading the craft beer equipment,propagate the craft beer culture”is what we have been pursuiting of.On the basis of leading craft beer brewing equipment,we are also actively developing the derivative industry of craft beer equipment, for instance,we have established the corporation named “GDE” in 2013 and has successfully developed advanced craft-beer packaging equipment. Meanwhile,we will also begin to invest the health industry of craft beer and the Craft-beer Industry will be global.


     The developing directions and goals is that achieving the transformation from a small and medium-sized enterprise to a large and medium-sized enterprise,establishing group corporations and multinational corporations,nevertheless, the stable extansion is our first choice.It is not necessarily for us to make our corporation larger and larger, but is is certainly that we make our corporation more and more strong.That being successful is a kind of responsibility;That creating wealth ,developing economy,fostering the employees and repaying the society is a kind of obligation.That setting up a healthy and flourish”Century Enterprise”is our greatest mission.Believe us,we will show a much better and more excellent HGM to everyone.



     Thank you!




Mr. Sun Guanghui on January 1, 2019